Theatermuseum der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
Eingetragen von English Theatre Düsseldorf - Performance & Education gUG am 04.11.2021 11.37 Uhr

BEAT THE DEVIL by David Hare

"On the same day that the UK government finally made the first of two decisive interventions that led to a conspicuously late lockdown, David Hare (the playwright) contracted Covid-19. Nobody seemed to know much about it then, and many doctors are not altogether sure they know much more today. Suffering a pageant of apparently random symptoms, Hare recalls the delirium of his illness, which mixed with fear, dream, honest medicine and dishonest politics create a monologue of furious urgency and power."

Performed by Tom Zahner | directed by Ilya Parenteau

Event information:

12th November at 6pm (Premiere),

13th November at 4pm & 6pm

14th November at 4pm & 6pm


21st January at 6pm

22nd January at 4pm & 6pm

23rd January at 4pm & 6pm

Tickets: 12,00€ / 10,00€ (students)

Box Office: 0211 8996130 /

As BEAT THE DEVIL is part of the Theatermuseum's exhibition "Erinnerungsgeister und Hoffnungslichter" (Memory ghosts and lights of hope) you will be invited to attend a 25-minute guided tour of the exhibition directly after the performance. This will be included in the ticket price!

For more information on the exhibition, running from 10.10.21 - 10.02.22 go to

Weitere Termine: 12.11.2021 18:00 Uhr, 13.11.2021 16:00 Uhr, 13.11.2021 18:00 Uhr, 14.11.2021 16:00 Uhr, 21.01.2022 18:00 Uhr, 22.01.2022 16:00 Uhr, 22.01.2022 18:00 Uhr, 23.01.2022 16:00 Uhr
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