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NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste e.V.

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44339 Dortmund
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One-on-one Coaching

weiterkommen! offers freelance artists and creative artists from NRW the opportunity to book one-on-one coaching sessions of up to 45-60 minutes that focus on a specific issue with experts in the field.

Two coaching sessions are free for members of the NRW Landesbüro; all others pay 10 euros per coaching session.

This is how it works:

  • Contact the expert of your choice using the contact details below.
  • Make an appointment with the expert for an interview, a phone call or a Skype meeting. We recommend that you think about specific questions in advance so that you can use the time as effectively as possible.
  • If you aren’t a member of the NRW Landesbüro or have already used two coaching sessions, you will receive an invoice for 10 euros.
  • Do you wish there was an expert on a particular topic? Feel free to send your suggestions and requests to weiterkommen [at]

The Experts

Alexa Jünkering
Künstlersozialkasse (artists’ social insurance), taxes, legal form and collaborations

Due to increased demand, members of the Landesbüro will be given priority.

Alexa Jünkering has been an independent business consultant for almost 20 years, advising self-employed individuals, small businesses and start-ups in all phases of entrepreneurial development: foundation, growth, crisis, new direction.

Alexa Jünkering
E-Mail: info [at]
Phone: 0231 - 97 59 72 2
Mobile: 0151 - 106 094 49

Due to the ongoing high demand, we have commissioned Alexa Jünkering to bundle the most frequently asked questions gathered in almost three years of one-on-one coaching. The result is an almost 40-page treasure trove of knowledge that contains not only precise answers but also Excel tools that you can use for your own projects. All explanations and examples refer to the realities of working in the field of independent performing arts.

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Swantje Stephan
Legal consultancy

Swantje Stephan is a lawyer and advises cultural enterprises and artists on legal, organisational and business issues. Her core competencies include contract drafting, funding law, public procurement law, tax law, labour law and artists’ social security contributions.
E-Mail: mail [at]
Phone: 0234 – 52 00 99 18
Mobile: 0151 – 70 18 80 60

Kirsten Ballhorn
Event and occupational safety

As an independent occupational safety specialist, Kirsten Ballhorn advises theatres and cultural institutions on all aspects of occupational and event safety. In one-on-one coaching sessions, she can be consulted on questions relating to occupational safety, event safety and compatibility with the arts.

Kirsten Ballhorn
E-Mail: k.ballhorn [at]
Mobil: 0177 8677295

Christian Grüner

Christian Grüner has been working as an insurance broker specialised in the artistic field for almost 18 years. He advises on all issues relating to private insurance, in particular liability and property insurance, as well as insurance for individual life risks.

E-Mail: gruener [at]
Phone: 02331 - 97 17 67 1

Nilüfer Kemper
Finance, applications, proof of use

Nilüfer Kemper has been working as a freelance cultural manager and producer for the independent performing arts scene in the Ruhr region for 30 years. Her main areas of expertise are project management and business management (funding, contracts, finance and controlling). She has worked for numerous independent artists and institutions as well as festivals, including as managing director of the Theater im Depot in Dortmund, as commercial director of the NRW theatre festival FAVORITEN and as executive education officer of the LAG Tanz NRW.

Nilüfer Kemper
Phone: 0152 336 488 55

Elisa Müller
Can crisis create opportunities? One-on-one consultancy on how to deal with (professional) crises

As freelance artists, we experience crises all too often – a grant application has been rejected once again, a cooperation can’t be finalised and our plans fall through. But it’s not only our artistic ideas that are suddenly doomed; in times like these, existential crisis can soon set in. What to do? How can we learn to deal with permanent and constantly recurring crises? Together, we will develop strategies for your personal crisis management.

Elisa Müller
E-Mail: e.l.i.s [at]

Ulrike Seybold
Funding nationwide

Ulrike Seybold, Chief Executive at the NRW Landesbüro, provides information on the broad spectrum of state and federal funding, but not so much on the municipal funding system, because it is simply too diverse. Appointments are better made in person at the NRW Landesbüro, but can also be made by phone.

Ulrike Seybold
E-Mail: u.seybold [at]
Phone: 0231 - 47 42 92 10

Miriam Venn
Projects with refugees, with focus on asylum and residence law, labour law provisions, interculturality, language training

Miriam Venn, coordinator and initiator of the Sprockhövel refugee aid programme, advises on questions about asylum and residence law, labour market integration and language training for refugees. She also provides practice tips on how to deal with authorities & Co.

Miriam Venn
info [at]
Phone: 0176 - 205 215 75

Kristina Wydra
Press liaison and PR

Kristina Wydra is co-founder of the Local International cultural office, set up in Bonn in 2010, where she works as a freelance cultural manager and dramaturge. As an expert, she advises on issues related to press liaison and public relations.

Kristina Wydra
kristina.wydra [at]
Phone: 0228 - 94 69 75 93
Mobile: 0172 - 285 64 81